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THORN Law Firm gives full legal support to Slovenian companies that wish to sign an agreement with a German business partner. We consult and represent in


  • Drafting of contracts

  • Negotiation of contracts

  • Litigation in contract cases before German courts

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Whenever you need help with contracts, come to us for German lawyer for a Slovenian company:

Drafting and enforcement of contracts

We analyze and draft contracts such as:

  • Purchase agreements

  • Supply agreements

  • Contracts for services and agreements with sub-contractors

  • Distribution agreements

  • Commercial agent agreements

  • Franchise agreements, Exclusive distribution agreements, Agency agreements

  • Partnership and cooperation agreements

  • Loan agreements

  • Agreements on debt securities (personal securities, guarantees)

  • General terms and conditions

  • Product liability

  • Warrantees

  • Employment agreements for executive officers and staff

  • Agreements for property purchase

  • Service agreements

  • Any other kind of business agreements important to your client’s business in Germany

How to get started?

If your company needs help in contract law, we need some information to give you a first advise how to proceed best.

With a form all informations can be provided very easily. You can download suitable forms at the link below.

But, of course, you can also contact us by phone.

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