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Slovenian clients in German corporate law

Whether you intend to establish a company, restructure a German subsidiary or end a conflict with a shareholder or executive, we will be prepared to help you.

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Legal advice on setting up a company in Germany

We support our clients in the establishment and integration of companies in Germany.

Seeking a German lawyer in corporate law for a Slovenian company:

Our services in Corporate Law

  • Advice on the choice of the right legal framework in Germany: Branch office or legally independent subsidiary.

  • Choice of the legal form of the company (e.g. GmbH)

  • Preparation of articles of association for German corporations and, if necessary, adaptation of Slovenian articles of association (or articles of association from other countries) to German law and establishment of the company in Germany.

  • Negotiation and drafting of employment contracts for executives

  • Preparation of all legal documents within the framework of the appointment of the organs of the German company and advice on the possibilities and limits of the power of representation in a German company.

  • General representation for Slovenian companies

  • Ongoing legal advice to Slovenian companies for their managing directors

How to get started?

If your company wants to establish a company in Germany, we need some information to give you a first advise how to proceed best.

With a form all informations can be provided very easily. You can download suitable forms at the link below.

But, of course, you can also contact us by phone.

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